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Mind & Body

World-class quality & Lab Tested 
First and Most Trusted in Thailand 

Improve Sleep Quality

Reduce Stress

Reduce Pain

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Depression

Promote Well-being

Boost Productivity


No Pesticide No Microbial

No Heavy Metals

Safe for Long-term use

Verified by 2 third-party Labs
NSTDA and Central Laboratory

Happy Woman

Daniella, Hua Hin

I'm sleeping much better. Don't wake up as much during the night and when I do it's easy to fall back asleep

Selfie Portrait

Paul, Phuket

Your product has helped relieve stress and sleeplessness from my brain cancer treatment side effects.


I usually manage to fall asleep quicker with CBD assistance

Patrick, Pattaya

There was a time last week when the day was becoming tedious, and I was getting frustrated.

I had the CBD in my backpack.

Just a bit, as before, under the tongue, and it worked wonders, the day Improved, or rather my perception of it.


And it all worked out fine.

CBD in Thailand

CBD has been legalized in Thailand since 2019.  Any CBD product of less than 0.2% THC is legal in Thailand. Mellow CBD Oil contains less than 0.001% THC.  Thus, Mellow CBD Oil meets both Thai and Global standards.

Buy Mellow Organic CBD Oil with confidence in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand. We are the only brand with third-party lab results for every batch.

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