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How to use
Mellow CBD Oil?

Mellow CBD contains 900mg. of CBD per 30ml. bottle

1ml. of Mellow CBD oil contains 30mg. in CBD

The application glass tube syringe has a precise scale indicator of 1ml. per pump

Suggest to apply under the tongue for 30-60 seconds for quick delivery and apply per dosage guidelines below

Promote better sleep: start with 0.5ml. For the first 3 nights and scale up to 1ml. within the first 7 days. You should feel the effect from the 1st day of use and the full result within 3 days of use.

Stress, Anxiety, or Depression Control: Distribute 1ml. throughout the day. Suggest starting with 0.3ml per dose, 3 times a day;  Morning, Afternoon, and Night. You will have to monitor the effectiveness and adjust the dosage accordingly. We are here if you need anything :)

Control mood spike: Take 0.5 - 1ml. to stabilize mood/emotions when encountering an event

Pain Management: 0.50ml. every 4 hours 4-6 times a day and monitor the effectiveness and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Contact us at Facebook/LINE @mellowhemp if you need help adjusting the dosage

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