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10 Must Must Know Facts About CBD

CBD short for Cannabidiol is one of the hundred cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant.  CBD comes in many forms like tincture, capsules, topical, edibles or concentrates.  CBD improves your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, relief pain and in some studies show that CBD can potentially treat Cancer and Parkinson’s disease as well.  CBD is safe and has no psychoactive properties therefore you will not feel high like you would if you use THC.  Here are some interesting facts:

1.  World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have classified that CBD is safe for human consumption and non-addictive.

2.  CBD may have just recently been legalized, but the first recorded use of cannabis plant for medical purposes dated back since 2737 BC in China and isolation of   cannabinoid from the cannabis plant was first done by Dr. Roger Adams since 1940. 


3.  Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in your body plays a major roles in your health and mental well-being.  It is believed that ECS is responsible for memory, sleep, mood and appetite.  When CBD is introduced to your system it will interact with the functions of endocannabinoid system to help control sleep, stress, anxiety, mood and behavior.

4.  Animals have ECS too and studies have shown that CBD can improve animal’s health as well.  CBD can relief pain, inflammation anxiety and stress in animals too. 

5.  There is no evidence of overdosing with the use of CBD and use of CBD is non-life threatening.  High dosage of CBD may result in some minor side effects, but your body is able to tolerate CBD very well.  It is important to find the right dosage to maximize the benefits of CBD.

6. There are some approved medication that consist of CBD components like Epidolex used to treat epilepsy in children.  Parents should consult with their doctor if they are planning on using CBD to treat children.  It is best to use CBD products made from CBD Isolate which is THC free and safer for consumption for children.

7.   CBD does not require a doctor's prescription to be purchased.  This makes CBD widely available for those looking for natural solutions to improve their health.

8.  CBD products can show up in drug test.  A lot of CBD products contain THC which if exist in large amount may show up in drug test so make sure you go for CBD Isolate which does not contain THC to avoid any complication.

9.  The effects of CBD can be felt for several hours.  How long CBD will last in your body depends on the dosage, weight and metabolism. 

10.  CBD is best when extracted from hemp plant.  CBD are commonly extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants.  Extraction from hemp plants have higher concentration of CBD and contain less THC than they do with Marijuana.  CBD products made from marijuana are considered illegal in many countries.

These are interesting facts to help you understand CBD better and if you are looking for a high quality and lab tested CBD oil then you should consider Mellow Organic CBD Oil.  Mellow Organic CBD Oil is made from CBD Isolate and THC free.  Our bottle size is 30 ml and the content of CBD is 900 mg.  Mellow Organic CBD Oil comes in two flavors Natural and Orange.  For more information on Mellow Organic CBD Oil product you can visit our website or feel free to contact our team anytime for information on dosage, ingredients and how to use.

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