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A Legendary Professional Wrestler Claims CBD Have Changed His Life

A Legendary Professional Wrestler Claims CBD Have Changed His Life

Hulk Hogan, a former professional wrestler and legendary Hall of Fame inductee in WWE was a household name in the 80's and 90's. People who grew up seeing him perform would always remember him as the man in yellow tights and bandana. His signature "leg drop" move was what made him victorious throughout the year. As a sports entertainment performer, he has been through various life threatening injuries and now claims that CBD has improved his life tremendously.

Terry Gene Bollea or better known as Hulk Hogan was born on August 11, 1953. He was first discovered in 1979 by WWE then owner Vince McMahon.

Even though wrestling is an entertainment sport and the action may be staged, accidents in and out the ring do happen. Hulk Hogan has collected a lot of injuries throughout his world championship winning career.

Hulk Hogan has spoken about his current state of health. He said that he is currently feeling better than he ever did. He attributes his physical state to CBD.

Hogan has undergone 28 surgeries during his career. It is a big surprise to know that all those injuries have not taken a toll on his body.

Professional wrestling may not be real, but the risk they take and the performance they are required to do all in the name of entertainment is challenging and risky. "I always joke that I didn't get the memo that this stuff was 'fake' and after the 10 back surgery and two knees and two hips, it's just a situation of you do get hurt out there all the time," says Hogan.

He says he's feeling better now at 69 than he was when he was 25.

In the past he was taking a lot of prescription drugs and painkillers like Advil and Tylenol. Eventually all the painkillers weren't working which led to the transition from painkillers to CBD. CBD has made a huge impact on his sleep, pain management and inflammation with wrist and joint injuries. It has also had a positive impact on his personal health. He has become a firm believer of natural holistic treatment for sleep, pain and inflammation. He finds the natural approach to be a safer bet than prescription medication.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD can be found in both cannabis and hemp plants. There are many beneficial therapeutic properties like pain relieving, anti-inflammation, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, regulate mood, increase appetite and improve immune system.

CBD does not have any psychoactive effects so it will not intoxicate you or make you feel high. The other cannabinoids or chemical compound found in cannabis plants, THC, is known to have psychoactive properties that can alter your mind and make you feel "high."

Many countries have started using CBD to treat pain such as arthritis, joint pain, pain from cancer treatment or multiple sclerosis.

CBD may be a great alternative for painkillers, but for some conditions CBD may not be enough. It may require THC to help carry out the entourage effect which in simple terms meaning when two or more cannabinoids work together to give a more effective treatment.

In a survey conducted with 2,000 participants in the U.S. showed that 60% of adults use CBD for its pain relieving effect.

CBD can help treat chronic pain. Chronic pain is any pain lasting for several months. Studies have found that combining CBD with THC is effective in treating chronic pain.

Sativex a clinical spray that is a combination of equal parts of CBD and THC still in clinical trial period, but has proved successful in treating analgesic pain in cancer treatment along with multiple sclerosis pain.

CBD can treat arthritis and joint pain. Arthritis is a broad term that includes all joint-related pain and joint conditions which includes: swelling, stiffness and pain in the joint areas. The condition can carry on for a long time.

CBD has analgesic properties along with anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven successful with animals and humans in lab tests.

Now that you already know that CBD has the potential to treat pain and even have the backing from a legendary superstar athlete like Hulk Hogan. It's perhaps time for you to switch to CBD. Look no further, Mellow Organic has the best CBD products for you.

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Mellow CBD Soothing Balm is our vanilla scented CBD-infused topical for people looking to relieve pain, muscle soreness and reduce stress and anxiety. Also, great for joint pain. Our balm comes in 50 grams tin.

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