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Benefits of Combining CBD and Yoga

Benefits of Combining CBD and Yoga

CBD is one of the hottest trend in health today. The trend seems unstoppable as researchers are spreading the good news about CBD.  It’s hard to deny that CBD seems to be the miracle cure everyone is hoping for as there are so many health benefits that come with it.  If you want to improve on your sleep or something to help manage your anxiety level. Also a solution for chronic pain or muscle pain then CBD can help do the trick for you.  Lately, the paring for yoga and CBD has become magical marriage of two natural holistic remedy that everyone is looking to try. Yogis that practice yoga will not only keep their body fit and strong, but yoga will bring awareness and keep their mind calm and focus.  Amazingly the effect correlates with what CBD can do for your health and mind too.  CBD and yoga interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which when activated it will calm your brain and body down.  It will help you feel relax and take the stress and anxiety away from your daily life in turn helping you to become more aware, more motivated and focus. 


How CBD can benefit yogis:

Better adaption

Yoga though seems calm but the exercise is physically very demanding.  It requires a lot of balance and stretching.  Stretching has shown to activate endocannabinoid receptors in your muscle promoting well balance of the body and mind.  Using CBD with your yoga workout can relax your muscle, relieve muscle pain, prevents inflammation in your muscle, allowing fast recovery and helps to build muscle mass.

Improve mind-body connection

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and after regular usage it closes the gap between consciousness and movement helping yogis to be able to stretch more and increase your ability in yoga.

Increase focus

Using CBD will bring positive effects on your body and mind.  When you are not stress and feel calm you will be able to focus and remain motivated.

Reduce inflammation

Yoga requires that your use a lot of muscle activities and that may result in some muscle soreness and inflammation.  CBD has anti-inflammation property that can help heal muscle soreness, inflammation or pain that occurs when doing yoga.  CBD is known as the nature’s painkiller.  It is a good choice for people looking for natural solutions for joint stiffness, muscle aches and pain relief that may occur during and post-exercise.  In 2020, a study showed that CBD significantly reduced muscle aches and improved the rate of muscle recovery when compared to no intervention.  Some take CBD Oil after their workout or perhaps before bedtime to allow their body to restore any injury that might have occurred during and post-exercise.  It is important to follow instructions that come with the product or consult with a doctor before begin of usage. 


Enhanced inner awareness

Yoga is known to help activate the endocannabinoid receptors in the muscles and when combined with CBD it will surely have positive role in improving on pain management, memory, mood, appetite, stress, sleep, metabolism, immune and reproductive functions.  When your body is functioning properly it will produce positive productivity and inner peace.

Relief from anxiety and depression

Anxiety is the most common type of mental illness and stress often affects productivity, sleep, mood and most importantly your health.  CBD and Yoga is the antidote to help eradicate all the negativity into positivity bringing good health and peace and calm back to your life.  Both are known to improve brain functions and reduce stress level when it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in your body.  CBD will have a positive influence in your brain functions concerning motivation, focus and mood.  It is hard to deny that both Yoga and CBD is match made in heaven!

How to get started in using CBD Oil for yoga?

Most common types of CBD Oil are CBD Isolate, Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD.  Which is best for you? If you are looking for just CBD without any THC then go for CBD Isolate.  But if you want THC with your CBD then Full-Spectrum option is right for you or if want CBD along with other cannabinoids, but don’t want to worry about THC then get Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil.  Mellow CBD Oil is made from CBD Isolate.  Our product is organic and comes with two flavor options, Natural and Orange.  We often advise our customers to begin with 0.5ml before bedtime for the first few days and increase dosage if needed. For post-exercise recovery you can take 0.5ml after your workout and 0.5ml before bedtime.  Not only will you recover from any soreness or stiffness, but your body will be able to rest and reenergize too.  Feel free to contact our team anytime for more information on the product or dosage.  We also encourage you to consult with your doctor before beginning to use CBD.



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