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Can CBD Help With Rabies

Updated: Feb 27

What is rabies?

Rabies: a preventable viral disease. It is often transmittable from bites from rabid animals that can be passed to both humans and animals.

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most reported case of rabies comes from wild animals like bats, skunks, raccoons, foxes and dogs. In fact any mammal can be infected with rabies.

Facts you need to know:

  • Rabies are spread to humans and animals from saliva from bites, scratches or mucosa.

  • Children from the age of 5-14 are the most frequent age group to be infected by rabies.

  • Once symptoms of rabies show it's 100% fatal.

  • 99% of cases in humans are from domestic dogs.

  • Rabies are preventable with vaccination.

  • Rabies is found in more than 150 countries, especially in Asia and Africa.

  • Globally the cause of rabies treatment is more than $8.6 billion.

Symptoms of rabies:

Early symptoms include headaches and weakness and as the symptoms progress patients may experience confusion, anxiety, hallucinations and difficulty in swallowing food.


  • Vaccination

  • Seek medical treatment immediately

  • Avoid stray animals

  • Prevent bites by avoiding interaction with animals that you are not familiar with.

How can CBD help with rabies?

Let's get it straightened out: CBD cannot cure rabies nor is it a treatment for rabies. But CBD can be an alternative treatment for symptoms associated with rabies.

In 1843, Dr. William B. O’Shaugnessy, known as the father of Western medicine documented the use of cannabis resin for rabies. In his study he commented that even though patients died from rabies, they had some comfort from the effects of cannabis during their last stages of life. Cannabis allowed them to be able to eat food and drink water in which both are very difficult to do during the advanced stages of rabies. Cannabis resins were given to children with rabies and found that they were less anxious, had lower pulse rate and a better appetite.

It is important to remember that cannabis resins were used and not CBD even though components of CBD may be present with the cannabis resins.

Factors that make CBD able to treat rabies symptoms:

CBD has antiviral and antibacterial properties. There have been numerous scientific studies showing a great potential for cannabinoids like CBD to carry antibiotic effects. These effects are spread through the Endocannabinoid System which has receptors all over your body to help your immune system fight against infections.

CBD promotes healing of wounds. CBD can speed up healing of wounds and scars by its ability to speed up cell growth.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD increases the proinflammatory cytokines activities to ease the overreaction of the immune system. CBD also regulates the adenosine which helps to control the level of inflammatory response which helps your body and brain to heal. The brain is the largest target of rabies. This makes CBD a good alternative for anti-inflammatory treatment.

CBD manages epilepsy. It's been long discovered that CBD can manage epilepsy symptoms and as a matter of fact FDA has approved a CBD-based medication, Epidolex prescribed for treatment of severe type of epilepsy.

Patients with rabies are at risk of experiencing epileptic episodes and having seizures. CBD could help manage this very well.

CBD is good for chronic pain. Another benefit of CBD is for its ability to relieve pain. CBD increases your anandamide level which means that CBD will push for more concentration of anandamide into your bloodstream allowing your body to handle pain more effectively while CBD binds with the TRVP transmitters in your brain to block pain signals reaching your brain.

Wrapping up

CBD or Cannabidiol is not used to treat or cure rabies, but instead it may be used alongside other treatments as an alternative treatment for pain, seizures, inflammation, healing of the wounds, sleep, anxiety, epilepsy, boost energy, increase appetite and bring comfort to patients with rabies.

If you have pets make sure that they have been properly vaccinated. Keep them away from other stray pets.

If you have been attacked by animals intentionally or unintentionally make sure you take proper precautions and seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Rabies is highly preventable.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

Special thanks to:

Center for Disease Cibgrol

World Health Organization

Center For Advancing Health


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