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Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

CBD is a natural holistic supplement that everyone is raving about lately. CBD is among one or the most well known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. So what is so special about CBD? Simply everything we know about CBD is special. CBD is said to help relieve pain, have anti-inflammatory properties, improve sleep, treat insomnia, improve immunity, boost energy, uplift emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

….and here is another good example of the potential of CBD: Researchers are beginning to study the possibility of CBD helping to lose and control weight and reduce obesity or health conditions related to diabetes or metabolic disorder.

Here's what we know:

● CBD has an affect on the endocannabinoid systems to help you lose weight

● Endocannabinoid System (ECS) respond to different chemicals in your body through two of its receptors: CB1 and CB2

● CB1 are mostly found in the brain and nervous system and CB2 in the immune system

● For people with obesity, CB1 is more widespread to the fatty tissues therefore it is believe that CB1 plays a role in obesity

● CBD and other cannabinoids (THC, CBN, CBG, etc.) activates receptors like ECS or Serotonin believed to help with weight loss and control metabolic disorder

● CBD reduce appetite

● THC stimulates appetite and makes you feel hungry

● THC stimulates CB1 receptors and release hormones that will increase food intake

● CBD blocks CB1 receptor which in return will reduce appetite and control weight

● Some studies shows that CBD help change bad fat to good fat and help your body to break down fat more efficiently

● More research is needed to fully understand CBD role in weight loss

● Consult your doctor before using CBD to control weight or to treat metabolic disorder

● CBD may interfere with other medications and some people may experience minor side effects

● Only buy CBD products from reputable manufacturers with lab test to guarantee that the product is organic and free from harmful chemicals and substances

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