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Can You Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

According to a paper published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, CBD does not have an impact on the ability to drive even with a dose as high as 1,500 mg (50 ml).

A study was conducted on 17 participants that took part in driving stimulations after consuming 15, 300 or 1,500 milligrams of CBD.  Placebo was also given to those who took part in the study.  The results showed that none of the CBD that was given to the participants had any effect on their driving ability scores.

The study took place in the University of Sydney.  Three doses of CBD was given to each participant.  Then they had to complete a driving stimulation 45 minutes later and another one after 3-4 hours.  They were instructed to drive behind another car at a safe distance while following speed limits.  Before taking a test participants were given a dose of CBD or placebo.  The result after analyzing of data from the driving stimulations it appeared that none of the CBD dosage affected the participant’s driving abilities.  The researcher concluded that even with treatment of CBD as high as 1,500 mg does not cause feelings of intoxication and impair the cognitive functions for driving performance. 

Studies like this have been conducted in the past for example, in a paper published in 2020 participants was asked to vape cannabis that was either THC or CBD dominant.  Drivers that vaped THC dominant or a mixture of equal amounts of THC and CBD appeared to more impaired while people that vaped CBD dominant did not appear to be impair at all.  This should be good news for people interested in using CBD for pain, sleep, stress or anxiety and are worried whether using CBD would affect their driving.  However, more test on this matter is needed to fully understand about how safe CBD is and at the same time it is always recommended to start with low dosage and slowly increase the dosage if needed. 

For your safety concerning driving with CBD, it is best to choose CBD products that are made from CBD Isolate as it is made from pure CBD so it does not contain THC.  CBD has no psychoactive properties so you don’t have to be worried about feeling high on intoxication.  A good example of CBD Isolate is Mellow Organic CBD Oil.  Our product is organic and lab tested for any harmful materials making it completely safe and healthy.  One bottle is 30ml and it contains 900mg of high quality CBD.  We have two flavor options Natural and Orange.  You can find us at

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