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CBD and Birth Control Pills

Updated: Feb 27

Birth control pills are a type of contraceptives that are 99% effective for preventing pregnancy if you take it consistently every day.

The Makeup of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are made of synthetic hormones that effectively mimic hormones produced by the ovaries.

There are two types of birth control pills: Combination pills and Progestin pills. Combination pills contain both estrogen and progestin hormones. Usually comes in a 21 or 28 day pack. Progestin pills contain only progestin and need to be taken everyday without a break. There is also the third type of birth control pills, the morning-after pills. This is for emergency cases only and should not be used frequently.

The hormones in the birth control pills not only stops you from becoming pregnant, but it regulates menstruation, reduce PMS symptoms, improve acne and skin disorder, treat endometriosis, manages the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer

Birth control pills are a form of contraceptives. Contraceptives are any form or device used to prevent pregnancy like condoms. Do remember that even though birth control pills may prevent 99% rate of pregnancy, it does not prevent sexually transmitted disease (STI). To protect yourself from STI it is recommended to practice safe sex by using both birth control pills and contraceptives.

How CBD Works With Birth Control Pills

Most medication is metabolized in the liver and CBD directly interacts with the enzyme in the liver known as CYP450. 60% of all medication is metabolized by this enzyme.

Now when you take CBD together with other medications like birth control pills then it means that both compounds will compete for the same enzymes.

CBD may block the enzymes to not be able to metabolize medications (in this case birth control pills) stopping the contraceptives to work probably.

It is also important to note that the interaction between CBD and the enzyme will cause a build up of chemicals in your body resulting from your body not being able to process these chemicals as they should. This means that instead of your body being able to receive the benefits of medication instead it is being stored in your body especially in your liver and could cause harm.

What You Need To Know About CBD and Estrogen Birth Control Pills

  • CBD in any form should not be used with all forms of estrogen birth control.

  • Because cause tends to block enzymes from working probably and it will definitely it will block estrogen birth control from being effective.

  • CBD does not have the same effects when taken with progesterone birth control therefore could be a good choice if you want to be on birth control and use CBD.

  • Other physical methods like condoms and IUD have no effects with cbd.

Since using administering CBD together with birth control pill may be problematic then here are some suggestions:

  • Do not use CBD in whichever form at the same time as the birth control pill.

  • Have at least 2 hours between CBD and birth control pills.

  • You can use CBD anytime of the day.

  • You can separate the dosage of CBD for different times of the day.

What we have learn today:

  • Birth control pills are the most effective way in preventing pregnancy and also can be used to treat various symptoms.

  • Birth control pills are hormones-based products.

  • CBD may affect the way some birth control works.

  • CBD should not be used together with estrogen-based birth control pills.

  • CBD does not affect progesterone-based birth control.

If you are on or planning to start birth control pills it is important that you do your research on the type of pills you would like to be on.

Consult with your doctor first if you are planning on using CBD and birth control pills. Discuss the risks and benefits.

The information given above are just facts and medical information and by no means medical advice.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

Special thanks to:

Cleveland Clinic

Center For Advancing of Health

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