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CBD and Circadian Rhythm Disorder

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CBD is great for improving sleep, but what happens when your Circadian Rhythm goes out of whack? Circadian Rhythm is a natural internal process which regulates your sleep-wake cycle pattern which repeats itself every 24 hours.

Most living things have a circadian rhythm that controls your sleep and promotes wakefulness.

Circadian rhythm regulates alertness, sleepiness, body temperature and appetite. The factors that affect the circadian rhythm are: light/darkness, hormones like melatonin, stress, physical activity, social environment and weather.

What happens when circadian rhythm is disrupted?

  • Experiencing daytime sleepiness

  • Low level of alertness

  • Memory loss

  • Problems with decision making

When your circadian rhythm has been extremely disrupted we call this condition, Circadian Rhythm Disorder. Circadian rhythm disorder involves having difficulties in sleeping, waking up numerous times during the sleeping cycles, unable to go back to sleep and waking up too early.

Traditionally, treatment for circadian rhythm includes bright light therapy, behavioral therapy and medications. What about CBD? How can CBD help treat circadian rhythm disorder?

In a survey published in the Journal of Cannabis Research out of 430 participants, 42.5% said that they have self medicated with CBD to help improve sleep quality.

CBD can regulate sleep-wake cycle by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS regulates mood, behavior, memory, appetite and also the sleep/wake cycle. CBD has a positive effect on sleep as it interacts with the level of serotonin in your brain to help reduce stress and anxiety. Once your brain is calmed it will send signals to your body to shut down and relax.

How else can CBD improve sleep cycle:

  • CBD reduce anxiety and stress

  • CBD improves mood

  • CBD can treat depression and mental disorder

  • CBD can relief pain and inflammation

  • Some scientists believe that CBD can alter the way your eyes perceive the brightness of natural light. Bright lights can be a factor in keeping you awake.

  • Lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is often known as stress hormones. Cortisol normally is at its peak in the morning and lower at night, but chronic stress can raise the level of cortisol. Controlling the level of cortisol can improve your sleep.

You can also makes changes in your daily life like:

  1. Light exercise in the evening

  2. Exercising regularly

  3. Eat right

  4. Eat light food in the evening

  5. Avoid reading or spending too much time looking at the screen before bed time.

  6. Plan a healthy work/life balance

  7. Stick to a sleep schedule

To read more about CBD and sleep click here:

Written by: Vivek Roachthavilit



Cleveland Clinic

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