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CBD For Gamers

Gaming and CBD

Whether you are a gamer at home or professional gamer competing in eSports events then  we have good news for you:  CBD can help you enjoy and become more successful in your gaming.  Gaming or eSports is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in the world.  There are eSports competitions going on everywhere on Earth.  eSports will be part of the Olympics in 2024 for the first time.  

What does CBD have to do with gaming you may ask?  Well CBD can play a big role in helping gamers grow their skill and enjoy their game playing.  Gaming is not just for geeks now.  The industry is growing rapidly like wildfire. Having a natural supplement like CBD can definitely raise the playing field for you. 

Please note that  professional gamers can take CBD during competition as cannabis and CBD is not restricted in the eSports Integrity Commission's list of seven banned substances list.  

You will find protein shakes, nutritious snacks, creatine, multivitamins and energy drink as part of their gear for casual gamers or professional gamers.  Now they are adding CBD as part of their artillery whether that be CBD oil like Mellow CBD Oil or Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil, vape, edibles, capsules or topical like Mellow CBD Soothing Balm to increase performance and recovery.  

CBD is known for its potential for relieving injury and anti-inflammatory properties.  CBD reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep too.  

So here's how CBD can help gamers:

  • Increase focus.  Gamers need to focus on their game.  CBD promotes a clear-headed effect that allows gamers to be fully functional and focus on the game during critical moments.  CBD does not cause any high and will not alter your gaming experience as THC in large amounts could. 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.  Gaming can be entertaining and stress relieving, but during competition athletes can experience high levels of stress and anxiety.  By introducing CBD to the body it will send signals to your brain to calm down and as a result will reduce stress and anxiety.  CBD will also increase blood flow to the brain which can  take away stress, anxiety and help you to handle difficult situations.  Research has also shown that since CBD may reduce stress and anxiety it will therefore regulate your mood and behavior.  This will help you to remain focused and not lose sight of your goals. 

  • Improves memory skills.  Memory plays a critical role in gaming whether consciously or unconsciously.  CBD could improve verbal episodic memory, muscle memory allowing gamers to take action without even thinking about it and improve processing of auditory and verbal.  CBD can maintain and improve response time keeping you on alert.   

  • Prevent and treat injuries.  Professional gamers are expected to sit in the same place for a very long time.  Spending continuous time on the computer and game consoles can cause bodily injuries for sure, that's why professional eSports are required to have physical training to help make their body stronger.  Nonetheless, eSports athletes like any other sports are prone to injuries too like back and neck injuries, nerve damage and carpal tunnel syndrome.  CBD can help reduce pain, treat muscle soreness and inflammation.  

  • Improve sleep.  CBD regulates sleep pattern and treats insomnia.

  • Stronger immune system and promotes well-being.

Things to watch out for gamers:

  1.  Start with all low dosage.  Even though humans are able to tolerate 1,500mg of CBD per day, there is no reason for you to take that much.  Start small and increase if needed.  

  2. Choose CBD products made from CBD Isolate if you want to avoid any psychoactive effects from THC.  

  3. Choose products made from Full Spectrum CBD for a greater entourage effect, but remember it does come with THC.

  4. CBD may carry side effects for some people such as dry mouth, diarrhea, fatigue or loss of appetite.  Side effects are non treating and will go away in time.  

  5. CBD may interact with your medication.  Always consult your doctor or medical provider.

  6. Make sure that your CBD product is lab tested and free from harmful chemicals.  

Mellow Organic is the first and most trusted CBD Oil in Thailand. Our product is lab tested for Top Quality CBD content and zero toxicity. 

For more information on our CBD topicals and tinctures please visit or 

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