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CBD For Men With Beards

CBD For Men With Beards

This is a must read for bearded men or everyone who has growing a beard as their bucket list. If you are into men's grooming then you should know that CBD oil is a must have item for your facial hair.

Today CBD oil is no longer just for sleep, pain relief, stress reduction, but great for facial hair too.

By now you must have heard of the great health benefits for the body and mind, but for people new to CBD what are they? Well CBD is great for improving sleep, helps treat insomnia, manages stress and anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, it can regulate your mood and focus, it improves your immune system, can treat epilepsy and seizure symptoms, treat cancer treatment symptoms and regulate appetite too.

CBD is a natural occuring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is among the 100s compounds or cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids that you might have heard of are THC, CBN, CBG, or CBC. The great thing about CBD is that it does not contain any psychoactive effects so it will not make you "high" or alter your state of mind like it's counterpart, THC when used in large amounts.

There are three types of CBD: CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD. CBD Isolate includes only CBD and is free from THC or other cannabinoids. Full spectrum comes with CBD, THC and other cannabinoids including terpenes and healthy fatty acids. Broad spectrum is similar to full spectrum except it does not include THC.

CBD has been used to treat physical and mental ailments for a long time now; today it's also found in skin and hair products.

….and here's how CBD oil can help you grow and maintain healthy facial hair:

CBD helps prevent and treat acne

The benefit of having facial hair is it can cover up acne or rough parts of your face, but that doesn't mean that the acne problem will go away. Acne is painful and troublesome. Sometimes even with a full on beard acne can be visible.

There have been numerous scientific studies showing that CBD can treat and prevent acne. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce sebum in your pores. Sebum is responsible for causing your pores to get clogged up resulting in whiteheads, blackheads and acne spots. Sebum is also responsible for causing cystic acne which is a type of inflammation that could rupture skin walls because of too many dead cells. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can battle inflammation and reduce swelling.

CBD can soften beard hair

One negative point of having a beard is that your facial hair could be wiry and very scratchy if you don't put on treatment and ointment. CBD can help soften your bearded hair. Your hair strands and follicles are healthiest when there is healthy oil to help promote growth and its vitality.

CBD oil can help replace the lost oil that could happen when you cleanse your face with facial cleanser or soap. CBD can moisturize the beard hair and skin to make it look healthy, smooth and soft. Plus your better half would appreciate the soft and smooth silk hair.

CBD can help to stimulate follicle growth and rescue hair lost

Growing a beard is very difficult and it takes a long time. Some people may not have enough facial hair to cover all spots. CBD could be a faster option for helping to stimulate hair growth to help you get your dream beard.

Today, CBD is also found in some shampoo, hair products and also CBD oil that can help stimulate hair growth. Studies have shown that CBD is connected to cell growth and regeneration that can benefit hair growth.

CBD oil contains loads of vitamins and nutrients, all very good for facial hair. You will find vitamins A, E, C, antioxidants, 21 amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids. This will definitely promote follicle hair growth and no doubt prevents hair loss as well.

CBD will help minimize ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is a normal occurrence in facial hair and could cause infection and pain. Ingrown hair is normally found in your cheek or chin areas.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessen swelling and pain from ingrown hair. It can help to stimulate hair follicles and moisturizes the skin to prevent further ingrown hair problems.

CBD can help to treat itchiness and burn sensation in facial hair

You cannot keep a beard without ever experiencing any irritation no matter how well trimmed your facial hair is. Sometimes growing hair can lead to loss of essential facial oil that is supposed to moisturize your skin. CBD oil or topicals contain multi-vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy hair and skin and at the same time help your skin to receive the moisture it needs and reduce skin dryness. Aftershave can also do the trick, but may not be as effective.

Now we hope this has made you want to use CBD oil not only for your facial hair, but to promote better health for your body and mind.

If you are looking for great high quality CBD products then you are at the right place. Mellow Organic is the first and most trusted CBD products in Thailand. Our premium CBD products that we offer are Mellow CBD Oil made from pure CBD, Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Mellow CBD Soothing Balm. Our product is lab tested for Top Quality CBD content and zero toxicity. For more information feel free to contact us at

Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

Special thanks to:

The Beard Mag

Mission Beard


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