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CBD for Mood Swing

What is Mood Swing?

According to Medical News Today, mood swing is a sudden and intense change in emotional behavior. Mood swings can happen to both male and female of all ages. A person can switch from being happy and cheerful to feeling sad an angry all in an instant.

Causes of mood swing may include: changes in lifestyle, stress, anxiety, inadequate sleep and not eating properly. Mental illness like bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder or ADHD can stimulate mood swings as well. Substance abuse and medication that affect sleep cycle and mood patterns can also play a role. Physical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, alzheimers, stroke and thyroid disorders are some examples of physical factors that may cause changes in mood and behavior. More importantly women may also experience mood swings from PMS, pregnancy and menopause.

Treatment may not be necessary if the condition is mild and not impactful, but once the reaction becomes severe and persistent then perhaps a visit with your doctor is advisable.

Treatment often includes psychotherapy, medication, lifestyle changes and today a lot of people are choosing natural remedies like CBD to help manage their mood swings. Currently, Mellow Organic offers two versions of CBD oil: Mellow CBD Oil which is made from CBD Isolate and Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil made from Full Spectrum.

CBD can help improve your sleep patterns and combat insomnia. When you sleep your body is able to clear your mind from stress and anxiety. You will feel rested and your energy boosted. CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress. When CBD enters your bloodstream it interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating your body functions, mood, behavior and sleep. Once your brain calms down it will automatically take away the stress and anxiety. CBD will also help control pain or inflammation and at the same time help balance hormones and improve immune system. All the components from the cannabis plant will work together to promote better health and being for you.

If you are experiencing mood swings or changes in your habit it is okay to share your feelings with people you trust and seeking medical advice from health professional is normal. Self care begins with you and at Mellow Organic we are always ready to answer your questions about our products and anything CBD related. Have a nice day.

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