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CBD Oil Can Help Anxious Dogs

CBD Oil To Help Anxious Dogs

Is your dog suffering from anxiety? Taking care of our furry friends should be one of the highest priorities and the sooner we notice any changes in our pet the sooner we can help restore peace and happiness to their lives.  It's very normal for dogs to feel anxiety.  According to Scientific Reports 72.5% of dogs show at least one sign of anxiety related behavior.  The report also shows that 32% of dogs suffer from anxiety due to noise, 17% fearful of bigger dogs, 15% fear of strangers and 11% of new situations. 

There are three types of anxiety in dogs:

  1. Separation anxiety: dogs do not like to be left alone.  They value their playtime, having people around, food and daily activities with their owner or caretaker.

  1. Fear of loud noises:  dogs are scared of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, explosions, arguments or loud speakers will cause dogs to feel anxious.

  1. Changes in environment:  dogs don't feel comfortable being in new environments.  They can only feel safe in surroundings that they are familiar with.  They get anxious with new people or being next to bigger dogs.  Moving or traveling can bring them discomfort.  Aggressive behaviors acted upon the dog or sudden changes in care taking of dogs can trigger anxiety in dogs.

There are  signs you should look for such as:  barking when owners aren't home, overly panting and pacing, not eating properly, urinating more often, self-harm, destroying furniture, running away from their home, shivering, digging and feeling restless.

Treatments for dogs with anxiety include behavior training, cuddles and showing them affections, increase playtime and exercise.  Anti-anxiety medications are often prescribed to dogs, but today pet lovers are looking for a natural solution for anxiety.  They are looking for something that is safe, organic and contain less side effects to promote better health for their four-legged friends and many are turning to CBD oil like Mellow CBD Oil.  CBD or cannabidiol are found in cannabis plants.  CBD has numerous health benefits for both humans and animals like it promotes better sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain and inflammation. 

Things to consider before using CBD Oil with you dogs:

●      Start with a low dosage to avoid cause drowsiness, dry mouth or low blood pressure

●      Make sure that the CBD product is organic

●      Avoid THC.  Choose CBD Oil made from CBD Isolate which contains only CBD like Mellow CBD Oil

●      Ask for lab test or Certificate of Analysis before purchasing your next CBD product

●      Choose only Natural flavors with no flavor added

●      Give your dog CBD oil from the dropper

●      Mix CBD oil with their food or treats

●      For correct calculation of dosage for your dog you can visit

We hope this will you get a better idea on how you can use CBD oil to help your dog when they get too anxious.  Products like Mellow CBD Oil can help promote a better health and well being for both humans and dogs. 

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