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CBD vs. Gabapentin For Nerve Pain

Neuropathic Pain or Nerve Pain is a chronic condition caused by the damage to the nerves or malfunction with the nerves. The damaged to the nerves can be very unpleasant and lead to:

  • Tingling sensation in the limbs

  • Burning pain

  • Numbness

  • Shooting/Stabbing pain

  • Allodynia or having increased sensitivity to touch

  • Having pins and needles sensation

In reality, nerve pain can attack any part of your body, but for the most part it often occurs in the hands, arms, feet, back and the face. Shingles, autoimmune disease, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, cancer, HIV/AIDS, surgery, trauma or toxins can also cause nerve pain.

If you are experiencing nerve pain then it's important that you seek treatment from a medical provider as soon as possible. Traditionally, treatment for nerve pain includes medication, physical therapy and surgery.

Today, as per our topic let's dive and compare both CBD and Gabapentin as treatment for nerve pain.


Cannabidiol or CBD is among the 100 of cannabinoids found in the cannabis hemp plant. CBD is known to improve sleep, pain relief, anti-inflammation, reduce stress and anxiety while it is also believed to manage seizures and Parkinson's disease symptoms. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects so it will not intoxicate you nor will it make you feel “high” like another popular cannabinoid, THC would.


Gabapentin is under the anticonvulsant class of medication that was developed to treat seizures, but today it is also commonly used for treating nerve pain and restless leg syndrome.

As mentioned earlier, medications like gabapentin, pregabalin, topiramate, carbamazepine, and lamotrigine are normally used to treat nerve pain. Physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture may also be used to treat the pain.

Currently, as of now there is no scientific evidence that CBD can replace medication used for neuropathic pain like gabapentin, but a study in Denmark has shown CBD can reduce the amount of gabapentin a patient needs for treating nerve pain. The study focused on people that were using medical cannabis, CBD and CBD-based medication for treatment of neuropathic pain.

Patients that were using CBD, THC or both used less gabapentin or other medication for nerve pain. Plus, neuropathic pain patients were hospitalized for fewer days than neuropathic pain patients that didn't use cbd and cannabis.

This is a plus point to help people with nerve pain to reduce the amount of gabapentin. Medications like gabapentin do come with side effects.

Let's consider the side effects of CBD and Gabapentin


  1. Drowsiness

  2. Dry mouth

  3. Changes in appetite

  4. Diarrhea

  5. Fatigue


  1. Headaches

  2. Dizziness

  3. Nausea

  4. Vomiting

  5. Drowsiness

  6. Difficulties in speech

  7. Infections

  8. Memory loss

  9. Vision problem

  10. Weight gain

  11. Tremors

  12. Balance issues


Both Gabapentin and CBD offer different benefits. Where one lacks the other shines. CBD is not meant to replace medication like Gabapentin in the treatment for nerve pain, but instead both should be used together in support for the greater goal of better health, body comfort, pain relief, better sleep and healthy mental health.

As for pain relief, Gabapentin is more effective in relieving intense pain than CBD. Gabapentin has been scientifically proven to be a potent painkiller. CBD wins when it comes to relaxing the body. CBD helps in inducing production of serotonin in your brain to manage pain, anxiety and stress. Once your brain can get rid of stress and anxiety it can promote better sleep. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent helping your body to cope and manage with pain sensation. With this it's true that CBD can help limit or reduce the need to use painkillers or other prescription drugs.

So where one is stronger with pain management the other is better in promoting sleep, calmness and anti-inflammation. Instead of competing with one another they can instead complement each other effectively.

We hope this helps clear any doubts about whether CBD and Gabapentin can help make your nerve pain better or not?

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