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Celebrities and CBD

Celebrities That Love CBD

It seems that you can do everything with CBD these days.  You can drink it, bathe in it, massage from head to toe with CBD balm, drop CBD oil under your tongue, eat it, or smoke it even.  Self-care is popular now and a lot of people are looking for ways to improve their health and lifestyle naturally without having to indulge in more pills.  With so many benefits that CBD have to offer like better sleep, less stress and anxiety, relief of pain, stronger immune system or better concentration, it is easy to see why a lot of people are choosing CBD as their savior.  It’s not just regular Joes that are going crazy about CBD, but celebrities, athletes and influencers have publicly shared their love for CBD to the world.  Today, we will look at what some of the celebrities are saying about CBD and why they like it.

Tom Hank Tom Hank often regarded as an American icon and said that he used CBD for anxiety and has admitted that CBD has positively affected his work.  He has taken part in a study with Cornell University to explore how CBD can help people with diabetes.

Whoopi Goldberg She is passionate about how CBD can help women especially those who are suffering from period pain, nerve pain and menopausal discomfort.  She also uses CBD oil for her pain, glaucoma and stress.

Morgan Freeman Due to injuries from accidents in the past Morgan Freeman uses CBD to treat his fibromyalgia (severe muscle pain).

Mike Tyson Not only is he a legendary boxing star, but he is a big fan of CBD.  He called CBD a “miracle oil” for its potential to relief pain and recovery.  He also created his own CBD brand.

Kim Kardashian As being the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World” it does wonders when she proclaims her love for CBD.  She said she is addicted to CBD topical and need them when she needs to relax.

Toni Braxton A famous R&B singer and TV star suffers from Lupus and has been seeing positive benefits using CBD every day.

Megan Rapinoe A legendary United States soccer player says that CBD is part of her life and see the potential for fast recovery, stabilizing mood and improve sleep.

Michael J. Fox Star of Back to the Future movies has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease and has used CBD oil to heal from his chronic disease and to be able to continue acting.  He has raised millions of dollars for research on Parkinson and the foundation has evidence of how CBD helps to protect brain with it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

That was just an example of celebrities, actors and athletes that use and endorse CBD.  When these people come out and claim their love for CBD it helps bring out a positive effect on CBD and a positive promotion for cannabis scene.  When followers see their content online or in the media they will want to go and shop for CBD or at least find out more about this natural holistic remedy for better health and well-being.  This is a win for CBD.  CBD is safe and comes in various forms of product.  Do your research and choose what is good for you.  Since we are on this topic, we would like to introduce you to Mellow Organic.  Currently we have Mellow CBD Oil which is made of CBD Isolate and is THC free.  One bottle is 30 ml and contain 900 mg of CBD.  We have two flavor options Natural and Orange.  We also have Mellow CBD Soothing Balm a vanilla scented topical made from CBD and other natural ingredients to let you experience peace and calmness and at the same time relief pain and inflammation.  We are adding a new tincture to our collection, Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil very soon.  Our products are organic with no harmful chemicals, pesticides, microbial or heavy metals.  Our products are lab tested from leading third-party labs.  Come chat with us if you like more information on our products or if you need any advice on CBD.


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