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Different Ways to Consume CBD

Different Ways to Consume CBD

In the last few years cannabidiol or CBD has risen in popularity due to the heavy coverage of CBD in the media as a result of numerous studies done on the positive effects of CBD in personal health care.  CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis sativa plant.  CBD is more commonly extracted from hemp rather than marijuana for its high content of CBD and very low amount of THC.  CBD has numerous health benefits that include sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, pain, inflammation and migraine among other benefits.  CBD is non-intoxicating so it does not give out the feeling of “high” like THC consumption does.  Today CBD comes in many forms giving you a choice on how you want to use CBD for medicinal purposes.

Some Option You Can Consider For Yourself:

Oil Drops and Tinctures

The easiest way to use CBD Oil is with drops and tinctures.  For this method CBD Oil comes in dropper bottles.  It is recommended that you drop the oil under your tongue and hold it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing to allow CBD to be absorb to your bloodstream for quick delivery.  A lot of people prefer this method as it is very convenient and fast.  Mellow CBD Oil comes with clear glass droppers that include measurements clearly imprinted on the droppers.  Mellow comes in two flavors Natural and Orange.  We also have detailed instructions and recommendation for usage for you.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a very simple solution for people who are on the go.  They come in soft-gel capsules making swallowing very easy.  This is good for people who are looking for exact dosage to take. 


You can take edibles such as gummies and chews as snacks and at the same time get the proper dosage of CBD Oil that you need.  It is ideal for consumption when you are at home or at work or while traveling.  It is important that you study the content of edibles and limit the consumption of edibles for your own safety.  By taking high dosage of CBD may result in health injuries.

Food and Drink

Today, many people are adding CBD Oil to their food and beverages.  By doing so they can enjoy the benefits of CBD along with their meals and beverages.  Today, a lot of restaurants and cafes are adding CBD Oil options for customers that are looking for items that have extra medicinal benefits in their meals. 

Vape Oil

Vaping has made a huge impact on the CBD scene.  Using CBD vape oil allows CBD in your system faster so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD with ease. 


Creams and Topicals

CBD Oil also comes in topical balms and creams.  Apply the balm or cream to your skin to reduce pain, muscle aches and inflammation. At the same time it can improve skin conditions too.  Making it a great option for relaxation and pain relief.  We are launching Mellow CBD Soothing Balm soon to help bring relaxation and calm to your well-being. 

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