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Food That Goes Well With CBD Oil

Heres How You Can Mixed Food With Mellow CBD Oil!

We know that CBD can help to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation and promotes better sleep or strengthen your immune system.  Traditionally, we consume CBD by dropping CBD tinctures/oil under your tongue, vape, edibles, smoking cannabis flowers, capsules, tea or topicals and today, there is a new trend in dining.  Welcome to cannabis cuisine!  Many people are incorporating cannabis with their meals.  Adding CBD to your food will not only allow CBD effects to benefit your body and mind, but it will also enhance the taste of the food–making your meal a more enjoyable one.  

Mellow Organic comes with two CBD Oil options.  Mellow CBD Oil 900 mg of CBD comes in 30ml bottles.  Made from CBD Isolate which includes just CBD and no other cannabinoids.  You also get to choose between Natural and Orange flavor options. We also have a stronger CBD potency option: Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil made from 1,800 mg CBD which includes CBD, THC and other cannabinoids including terpenes and flavonoids. 

Taking CBD with food will:

  • Allow bioavailability:  your body will absorb CBD into your body system more effectively when taken with food.

  • Taking CBD with food may prevent side effects.  

  • Food rich in fat increases CBD effectiveness.

Do note that adding CBD to your food will not make you high.  CBD alone can not make you high.  CBD products made from CBD isolate are THC free while CBD products that are made from full spectrum may contain up to 0.3% THC, but not high enough to really intoxicate you.  For those that would like to feel the buzz from cannabis then they should add marijuana or a product that is high in THC.  But if you are not experienced in cooking with cannabis then you are at risk for adding too much THC in your food.

In cannabis-infused cuisines, CBD is often used to counter THC.  As CBD has the ability to counter the high or psychoactive effects from THC.

  • So here are recommendations for food that goes well with CBD:

Fish that contains a lot of healthy fats like salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel and herring also has high amounts of Omega-3 and is great for absorbing CBD effectively.  Fish is a great item for meals throughout the day.

Avocados are rich in fat and perfect for absorbing CBD to the body and allow bioavailability.  It is recommended to take CBD after eating avocado. 

Dark Chocolate  is rich in antioxidants like CBD itself.  Dark chocolates also has alot of fat.  Plus everyone loves chocolate and it would work great with CBD. 

Nuts is another healthy option that could do very well with CBD.  Almonds and walnuts are high in protein and have lots of healthy fats.  The richness in the fat helps your body obtain the maximum benefits from CBD. Adding drops of CBD with mixed nuts serves up a very healthy snack.  

Eggs were believed to have high cholesterol content, but in fact now we know that eggs have a lot of healthy fats, vitamins, nutrients and proteins.  Eggs and CBD make good company.  Next time you are thinking about making eggs for breakfast or brunch then what about scramble eggs or omelets and add CBD as part of the ingredients.  Scientists believe that eggs with CBD are a good meal if you are on a diet.  Eggs are filled with nutrients and CBD can help to suppress appetite.  More people are mixing

Honey with CBD.  People love the sweet and tasty flavors of honey with earthy flavors of CBD.  Both of them can be used together as toppings in cake, shakes, ice cream sundaes or as syrup on toast.  When you mix CBD oil with

Tea the terpenes and flavonoids from both CBD and tea will enhance the flavor and help make your beverage even more mouth watering. 

Breakfast cereals come with multi-vitamins and minerals and when CBD oil is added it could help make a great start for your day as CBD will boost your mood, concentration, motivation and energy along with adding vitamins and minerals to your body. 

Cheese, in the past, was viewed as unhealthy, but in reality it is filled with nutrients, healthy fats and proteins.  Did you know a slice of cheese can contain as much protein as a glass of milk?  Combining cheese and CBD is definitely a plus for your body.  What about infusing CBD oil with cheese toast or preparing cheese bites with olive oil and CBD oil?  

Adding CBD with your food can be a gateway for incorporating cannabis into your daily health routine.  CBD-infused food will definitely make your food more interesting and a definite conversation starter.  Remember to always buy CBD products from reputable manufacturers.  The product should be lab tested for pesticides, harmful chemicals and potency of cannabis in your CBD products.  If you don't want THC in your CBD choose products that are made from CBD Isolate like Mellow CBD Oil, but if you want THC in your CBD too then choose products made from full spectrum like Mellow Full Spectrum.  Feel free to contact Mellow Organic to find out about our products by visiting

or go to our Facebook page 

Written by:

Vivek Roachthavilit

Special Thanks:


About Time Magazine

The Guardian

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