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Steps To Finding The Best CBD

Steps To Finding The Best CBD

There are many CBD products in the market, but not every product is safe or made with high quality ingredients. How can you know which product is safe to use? Truth is CBD products are not regulated by FDA, but there are steps you can take to help you choose the best products for you.

What is CBD? CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that contains multiple therapeutic properties like anti-inflammation, antioxidants, pain relieving, stress and anxiety management and neuroprotective properties. But to get the best out of CBD it is advisable that you spend some time learning how to choose high quality CBD.

What kind of CBD is best for you?

● Hemp flowers

● Vaping oil

● CBD tinctures or oil

● Topicals

● Edibles

When you smoke or vape you will start to feel the effects from CBD in a few minutes. It takes about 30-60 minutes to peak. The effects will last for about 6 hours. People tend to feel very relaxed and it is very easy to feel high even if CBD has very little THC as people tend to take more inhalation of CBD smoke than needed. Using CBD oil orally by dropping CBD under your tongue allows the CBD to be absorbed to your bloodstream more efficiently than any other methods. Dropping CBD oil is slower, but the effects last longer. Plus, you can accurately measure the amount you need. Any good CBD oil brand should be able to optimize user's experience with a highly visible imprinted measurement in their glass tubes. Mellow Organic's CBD oil options like Mellow CBD Oil made from CBD Isolate available in both Natural and Orange flavors and Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil made from full spectrum and contains 1,800mg of CBD. Both options come with clear glass tubes with measurements that help enhance the user's experience very easily. Edibles take the longest time for the effects to kick in, but the effects tend to stay the longest. It could take 30 minutes to two hours before you start feeling the effects and the edibles must go through the digestive system before the CBD can do its job. Ideally, you can always add CBD oil to your food as the oral form of CBD has a better absorption rate when it is mixed with food. Another form of CBD that is quite different from the above is CBD topical. People use CBD topicals mostly to relieve pain and inflammation. CBD topicals are also advantageous for rashes or skin disorders. The topicals are absorbed to the skin and not to the rest of the body. For a high quality CBD-infused topical we are happy to present our Mellow CBD Soothing Balm vanilla scented.

Finding the Right Kind of CBD? It's important to know that there are three kinds of CBD in the market, because each kind of CBD may give different kinds of results. Potency matters. The more CBD per mg in your product the better result you will get. The stronger the CBD oil equals a higher potency which will give the best results. So the three kinds of CBD are: CBD Isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. There is no other cannabinoids or terpenes or flavonoids from the cannabis plant. Full spectrum not just has CBD, but also contains THC and other cannabinoids including healthy fatty acids, terpenes and flavonoids. Full spectrum is considered to allocate the most out of the cannabis plant. Broad spectrum contains all the chemical compounds from the cannabis plant except THC.

Full spectrum and broad spectrum may be considered more superior as it has what is known as entourage effect which means because it has all the cannabinoids available to help CBD be more effective to your body, but it doesn't mean it is better than CBD isolate. CBD isolate is great for people that dont want THC in their CBD. THC has psychoactive effects. When used in large amounts it can cause you to feel high-causing undesired experience. It would be highly beneficial if you know why you are using CBD. If you are using CBD for pain and inflammation then the full spectrum may have the advantage, but CBD isolate is better for stress, anxiety and mental health. CBD isolate is great for new users or people who want to start making CBD part of their health routine.

Checklist for you to check to make sure that your CBD product is of the highest quality:

● Check for Certificate of Analysis (COA) is essential in verifying whether the product is of high quality or not. Third-party labs prepare COA to ensure that the CBD product is safe from pesticides, harmful chemicals or microbial also to evaluate each component that makes up the ingredients of the CBD product. If the product you are buying does not come with COA then it's not from a reputable brand. You can find Mellow Organic COA in all of our products on the side of the package. All you have to do is scan the QR code.

● Buy from reputable places. You should buy your CBD product from shops that are well established and have license to operate business.

● Pick the right spectrum for yourself. Each type of CBD has its own benefits. Consider whether you want THC in your CBD product or not. Full spectrum and broad spectrum will give a better entourage effect, but CBD isolate is easy to use without having to worry about THC.

● Make sure that there are no additives added. Your CBD product should be made from CBD and other cannabinoids with no additional additives added that could cause harm to the body. Please note most CBD oil contain carriers like MCT oil or coconut oil to help deliver the most effective effects of CBD to your body.

● Make sure you choose CBD products that come with glass bottles or packaging. A good CBD oil product should come in glass bottles preferably dark tinted bottles to prevent heat from sunlight or bright lights to damage the quality of cbd.

● Make sure that the name and contact information is clearly listed in the product or packaging.

● Production/expiration date a high quality CBD product should be good for a year after the bottle has been open.

● Net weight

● The content of CBD.

● Ingredients that includes CBD and other non-cannabinoid additives

● Instruction and how to use the products should be readily available.

● Suggestions and tips for each serving should also be included. At Mellow Organic we include suggestions for dosage in our instruction sheet.

● Warnings should also be listed in the packaging and early visible.

Just a friendly reminder….

Certain things you do can affect how CBD works for you. How and when you take it does play a role in the effectiveness of CBD. Also whether or not you take it with food or with other medications. When you are already using other medications please be aware that CBD can interact and may interfere with the other medications. Always consult with your medical health provider before trying CBD. The amount of CBD you take also matters. There is no one size fits all when it comes to CBD even if suggestions for CBD are provided. Experimenting with dosage is highly advised. Find the amount that works with you. Some take it once a day while others may take it several times a day, but always start low and increase when needed. Lastly, be patient! CBD isa supplement so allow time for your body to get used to CBD.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

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