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Studies Find Cannabis Vaping More Harmful Than Nicotine Vaping

Studies Find Cannabis Vaping More Harmful Than Nicotine Vaping

Based on a study published in Thorax journal finds that vaping cannabis is more harmful than nicotine vaping. The studies compare pulmonary effects (abnormalities that affect your lung such as shortness of breath, pneumonitis, pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary toxicity) of both nicotine and cannabidiol vaping. Based on the study, vaping cannabidiol is more harmful for the health of the lung.

The study was designed to understand the pulmonary effects of vaping cannabidiol at 50 mg/ml and vaping nicotine at 5%. The subjects of the experiment were done on mice and human lungs. The study was conducted in two methods in vitro is conducted in a controlled environment such as test tubes or petri dishes. Another method is in vivo is conducted with a living organism such as with humans, lab animals or plants. In vivo experiments with both male and female mice. They were given 1 puff of nicotine and cannabidiol aerosol for 5 days in a week. The experiment was conducted for two weeks. In vitro experiments, human lungs were exposed with aerosols in a closed environment.

The effects of health that were exposed to substances were evaluated by measuring the lung inflammation, lung damage, oxidative stress, paracellular perme ability and cytotoxicity.

The Findings:

● Cannabidiol vaping has more of a damaging impact on the immune and pulmonary systems.

● Exposure to cannabidiol aerosol induces an increase in the amount of inflammation of the microenvironmental in the lungs.

● Exposure to cannabidiol has the potential to cause more lung damage than nicotine exposure.

● Cannabidiol exposure causes a disruption with the lung epithelial barrier integrity (responsible for protective lining barrier against toxin and microorganisms).

● Cannabidiol exposure increases epithelial cell death.

● Cannabidiol exposure in mice showed that there was a decrease in anti-inflammatory cells which could potentially cause lung immunity dysfunction, lung damage and risk of lung infection.

● Flavors added to cannabidiol vaping can also cause lung damage.

In conclusion, vaping cannabidiol could be more harmful than nicotine, because it could lead to lung inflammation, pulmonary barrier integrity disruption, and lung damage. But in no way is nicotine safe and good for your health. Nicotine and smoking tobacco is injurious to your health and can lead to death.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

Special Thanks To:

News Medical

University of Michigan

Verywell Health

Thorax British Medical Journal

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