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Studies Show CBD Oil Can Make Exercise More Fun

42 Runners Say Using Cannabis Before Running Can Help Boost Enjoyment and Uplift Your Mood

A study on 42 runners conducted by University of Colorado aimed to understand the relationship between the effects from consuming cannabis like CBD and THC with the impact on the performance and experience while running.

In the past, cannabis has been kept from the public and stigmatized as an illegal drug even when it carried various health benefits. People were stigmatized for using cannabis so they stayed away from it. Times have changed and now people have started embracing cannabis like CBD and THC. As a matter of fact many athletes have started endorsing CBD as part of their fitness training. Doctors have started prescribing CBD and medical marijuana to help treat illness while governing bodies have started passing laws to make cannabis more accessible.

The general takeaway from the study is as follows:

  1. CBD and THC can help enhance the workout experience. Making exercise more enjoyable and helping to boost the mood during exercise.

  2. Participants shared that CBD was vital in enhancing the experience of the workout while not having to worry about the intoxicating effects from THC.

  3. THC can increase heart rate making exercising more effortful. Do remember that THC is not a performance enhancer.

This helps to shine a new light and erase the popular misconception that using cannabis makes you too high and bars you from doing anything.

Experts in the field shared that popular cannabis like CBD and THC can be a new tool to help people get up and become more active. But more research is needed to understand the benefits and risks from both natural supplements.

The Research

The research included 42 volunteers who were already running with cannabis from Colorado. Before the research started they took fitness measurements and survey data from participants. Then, participants were asked to go to a dispensary to select either a cannabis flower strain mostly of Cannabidiol (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

During the follow up visits participants were asked to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes. During their run they were ask questions like:

  • How motivated did they feel?

  • How much were they enjoying themselves?

  • How hard the workout felt?

  • How quickly time seemed to pass?

  • They were asked about their pain level.

These questions were designed for researchers to make assessments about how cannabis affects them during exercise.

Participants reported that they felt more enjoyment and experienced a more intense euphoria while running. In the running world we call this phenomenon a “runner’s high."

More importantly, participants that took CBD had a greater boost in mood than groups that were assigned THC dominant cannabis. Proving that CBD is good with improving mood.

Runners from the THC group reported that they felt running with THC was harder than running sober with the same intensity. THC increases the heart rate. In a previous study, runners that used THC would enjoy their running more if they ran 31 seconds slower. This could mean that THC is not a performance enhancer.

Bottom line

Researchers believe that Endogenous cannabinoids, a chemical in your brain, is said to be released when you workout for an extended period of time, helping you to feel euphoria and be more alert. By introducing CBD or THC into your body it will interact with the cannabinoids system in your body to further enhance the effects.

Tips on using CBD or THC for your workout regimen:

  1. Start slow and increase the amount needed.

  2. There are some side effects to consider like drowsiness, nausea or dry mouth.

  3. Understand local laws about the legality of cannabis.

  4. Before you buy, read the ingredients and always ask for the Certificate of Analysis to make sure that the cannabis products are safe for use.

  5. Consult your doctor before starting to use CBD or THC.

  6. Using THC in a high amount may make you feel “high.” CBD on the other hand does not intoxicate you.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit


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