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Things You Should Know About CBD Balm

Mellow Soothing CBD Balm is our latest product that we proudly present to the world and here are some things you should know before you start using CBD balm. 

1.     CBD balm is considered a topical product as it is meant to be use on the skin.

2.     CBD balm is a soothing creamy ointment infused with CBD and other natural combinations like shea butter, beeswax, argan oil, vanilla, lavender and essential oils.

3.     You can take your CBD balm everywhere as CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC and perfectly legal.

4.     Essential oils in your balm help you to reduce stress, sleep better and treat fungal infections.

5.     CBD balm from reputable brand like Mellow Soothing CBD Balm have been lab tested.

6.     Fragranced CBD balm like vanilla or lavender uplifts your mind and spirit and at the same time will spice things up for you too. 

7.     Essential oil mixed into CBD balm are good for muscle soreness.

8.     Essential oils like peppermint or menthol helps to create cooling effect on your skin. 

9.     Cannabidiol from the CBD Balm will interact with the endocannabinoid system receptors along your body to help you reduce pain and feel more relax.

10.  Not only does CBD balm help you to relax, but it is also meant to reduce muscle soreness, muscle stiffness and pain in your joints and bones.

11.  You can use CBD balm to treat inflammation in joint areas if you are suffering from arthritis or gout.

12.  CBD balm is very popular product among people who suffer from injuries with bones and joints.

13.  CBD balm helps to treat skin conditions.

14.  Studies have shown that CBD topicals is an effective way to treat wounds, but not to be applied on open wounds.

15.  Applying CBD balm is as easy as putting on moisturizer.

16.  Before making your next purchase find out the amount of CBD in your product to see whether it is enough to suit your needs.

Now we hope this will help you make your next CBD Balm purchase easier.  Anyhow we would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our brand new product, Mellow Soothing CBD Balm.  Mellow Soothing CBD Balm is a superior blend of Cannabidiol (CBD) with carefully sourced active functional ingredients including cacao seed butter, beeswax, arnica, cannabis sativa seed oil, black current seed oil, vanilla shea butter and other natural ingredients. 

Mellow CBD Soothing Balm has also been approved by Thai FDA and lab tested from third-party accredited science lab in Thailand.  Feel free to contact us anytime if you want more information on our product, ingredients or how to use.


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