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What Is The Right Dosage To Help You Sleep?

What is the Right Dosage to Help You Sleep?


A lot of our customers have reported back saying that CBD has helped improve their sleep and be able to rest more.  Taking the right dosage of CBD depends mainly on two factors:  body composition and the CBD product.


Body Composition can be divided into your weight, metabolism, personal medication and eating habits.  


·       Weight:  The more you weigh the higher dosage you will need.  People with lower weight take less time for your body to absorb CBD.

·       Metabolism:    Healthy metabolism will break down components of CBD faster and will allow you to feel the effects from CBD more quickly.

·       Medication:  Your medication may interfere with your sleep cycle and the function of CBD.  Consult with your doctor before start using CBD.

·       Eating habits:  Taking CBD on a full stomach will slow down digestion.  For greater benefit take CBD on an empty stomach or a few hours after your meal.


Choosing the right CBD product to improve your sleep and wellbeing is important. 

·       Make sure that product is organic and safe for consumption

·       Product should be lab tested and ingredients fully listed on the label

·       Research on the different types of CBD available.  There are three types of CBD available today:  full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD Isolate.  Full Spectrum contains CBD, THC and other cannabinoids (compounds from the cannabis plant).  Broad Spectrum contains CBD and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant without THC and CBD Isolate contains only CBD making it the purest form of CBD. 

·       CBD products are available in many forms such as gummies or edibles, tea, vapes, capsules, topical like Mellow Soothing CBD Balm, CBD oil like Mellow Organic CBD Oil and Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Experts have recommended that the right amount of dosage is 2.5mg per kilogram of your body weight.  To make things easier you can click the link here to help calculate the right amount of dosage for you


Things to remember: 

1.     Be patient!  Remember it takes time for your body to adapt and adjust to CBD.  It takes about a week to start seeing a difference. 

2.     Experimenting with dosage is also important and highly recommended.  Some may require more while for some a little will do. 

3.     Always start with low dosage and slowly increase the amount if needed.  Using a very high amount may cause you to experience diarrhea, fatigue or nausea. 


Mellow CBD Oil is our original CBD product and made from CBD Isolate that contains only CBD.  For sleep, we recommend you start with 0.25-0.5 ml for the first few days and then slowly increase 0.25 ml at a time.


For Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil made from a combination of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.  Full Spectrum has a higher potency than CBD Isolate so you should always start with a low dosage 0.25 ml and after a week add another 0.25ml onwards if needed.


For more information on our products or if you would like to make an order then you can go to or


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