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Why Creative People Use CBD?

Why Creative People Use CBD Oil


People have been using CBD for thousands of years and the popularity is on the rise as we are starting to fully understand the potential of CBD.  CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the 100s cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  CBD comes with numerous medical properties such as improvement of sleep and insomnia, managing stress and anxiety, relieving pain and soreness, anti-inflammation or improvement of the immune system.  CBD does  not contain any psychoactive properties so you don't have to worry about intoxication. 


How can CBD help creative people?  To start with, CBD reduces stress and anxiety and that alone is the gateway to productivity and creativity.  CBD enhances creativity by increasing blood flow to the brain.  Studies have shown that creative people have more blood flow to the frontal loop of the brain than non-creative people. That part of the brain is responsible for problem solving, spontaneous thinking and creativity. The brain uses blood flow to transport chemical compounds throughout your brain so it can send signals and communications within the brain effectively.  This means the brain can come up with more possibilities and solutions to a problem.  CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system allowing your brain to relax and feel more calm resulting in reduction of stress and anxiety.  You will feel calmer, your mood will improve and you will sleep better.  When you sleep your body can rest and recharge.  Sleep is also a good remedy for creativity.


CBD has an entourage effect which means not only will it have an impact on your creativity, but it will improve your health and well being too.  A good way to introduce CBD to your daily routine is with Mellow CBD Oil from Mellow Organic.  Mellow CBD Oil is the first and most trusted CBD Oil in Thailand. Our product is lab tested for Top Quality CBD content and zero toxicity.   Mellow CBD Oil is made from CBD Isolate which consists of pure CBD and if you like some THC with your CBD, then we have Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil too.  We also have Mellow CBD Soothing Balm for those looking for topicals for relaxation and pain relief.  For more information on our products you can visit or

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