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CBD and Exercise

Updated: May 4, 2023

Have you ever tried using CBD before working out?  After reading this we encourage you to consider making CBD part of your workout regime or at least to get up and burn some calories!


CBD culture is in its early stages and there is still more information needed on how much impact CBD has on your health, but from what we already know it is very encouraging.


There have been studies done on lab animals by using CBD topical or oil to help reduce inflammation and relieve injuries in joint areas since CBD has natural holistic properties to help repair your body from injuries and inflammation.  So there is no doubt people will experience the benefits from using CBD pre or post workout as well.  CBD can reduce blood pressure and at the same time have a positive impact on anxiety as well.  Combining exercising with CBD will definitely help normalize your blood pressure. 


CBD is perfect for post workout too.  It is normal for you to experience injuries, fatigue or soreness during or after working out so you can use topical CBD balms like Mellow Soothing CBD Balm to help treat pain and inflammation in joint areas or muscles.  Using CBD oil like Mellow CBD Oil will enhance your treatment for pain and muscle soreness or inflammation that may occur in joint areas or muscles.  CBD oil is also a good booster for energy.  CBD relaxes your brain by reducing stress and anxiety.  You will be able to rest more and fully recover from precious activities. 


When is the best time to use CBD? This depends on you.  Using it pre-workout will free your mind from stress and anxiety.  Your oxygen level will increase and CBD will help block pain signaling to your body.  If you use CBD post-work it will help you to reduce pain and soreness, lessen inflammation and promote better recovery.  It will help you to sleep better.  We hope this helps you improve your health.  For more information on Mellow CBD Oil and Mellow Soothing CBD Balm please go to or

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