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New Studies Bust Myths About CBD

New Studies are coming out all the time and today we will be discussing how recent studies have challenged myths about the effects of cannabis when it comes to motivation, cognitive functions, cancer, and yes using CBD for cats!

Yes, there has been more research on CBD for dogs than they are for cats, but nonetheless the latest research has shown that CBD is safe for cats too.  A randomized placebo blinded study was conducted on cats.  The cats were either given placebo of 4 mg of CBD oil per kg of body weight.   The CBD oils administered were made from CBD Isolate and did not contain THC.  The research lasted for 26 weeks and the aim was to evaluate the safety and the long-term effects of using CBD oil in cats.  

Cats from both groups had regular veterinary examinations to check for hematology, urinalysis and clinical tests for biochemistry and found that the 4 mg/kg CBD oil was well tolerated.  Definitely, more research is needed for CBD use in cats and other animals, but it is recommended that you consult with your cat’s veterinarian before starting to use CBD.

Researchers in Morocco examined the effects of cannabis on cognitive function of patients with schizophrenia.  The study included 50 patients with schizophrenia who are already cannabis users and 49 schizophrenia patients who do not use cannabis.  

Results showed that non-cannabis users performed better in psychomotor function, verbal memory and attention test whilst patients that are cannabis users perform better at working memory, emotional recognition and visual memory test.  

The findings showed that cannabis impacts neurocognitive functions in various ways such as attention, verbal memory and psychomotor function while it could also enhance visual memory, working memory and recognizing emotions.  

A recent study has shown an increase in cannabis consumption among cancer survivors in the US with many survivors claiming that cannabis has improved their symptoms.

Out of the 1,886 cancer survivors that participated in a survey as part of the study: 17.4% were current users while 30.5% used to use cannabis and 52.2% have never used cannabis before. 

60% of the participants used cannabis for sleep, and 51% for pain followed by stress, nausea and mood disorder while about 20% used cannabis for treating cancer.  While most of the cancer survivors reported that cannabis did improve their cancer symptoms, but most were not aware of the risk and side effects that may occur when using cannabis with other medications for cancer treatment.  Guidelines and more research is needed for usage of cannabis in treating cancer for the future.  

Research has challenged the claim that cannabis causes one to be a “lazy stoner” using questionnaires and task-based measurements to look at the association between acute and non-acute cannabis use and motivation. 

Three studies linked cannabis with an increase in the willingness to put an effort for the reward while two studies with control groups reported no difference and at the same time with the self report groups saw no difference between cannabis users and non-cannabis users.  Though in some cases like cannabis products with high levels of THC may lower motivation, there is no evidence to support that claim that cannabis can cause amotivational syndrome.  

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit


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