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CBD Prooves To Be Effective In Alleviating MRS Symptoms

New clinical trial on the oral effects of CBD Isolate is showing promising results for menstrual related symptoms (MRS).  Research is showing that CBD or Cannabidiol can alleviate symptoms related to menstruation like lower abdominal pain and PMD (premenstrual mood disturbances) which includes irritability, anxiety, stress and depression.  

In the said trial, CBD isolate soft gels was given out to two sets of participants.  One group was given 160 mg per day and another 320 mg per day.  Both to be taken twice a day (morning and at night). 

Participants went through a month-long period before the start of CBD intervention.  In that time researchers collected data from participants' symptoms before the start of CBD treatment.  After the baseline period was over the participants were asked to take the CBD treatment orally when they first started having menstrual symptoms. This means that they only took CBD while they were experiencing MRS symptoms.  Once the symptoms started they took CBD for the next 5 days which repeated itself in the cycle of 3 months. 

*No placebo was given for the experiment.  But nonetheless, participants reported reduction in the severity of MRS which included stress, anxiety, depression and pain during the first month of taking CBD and continued for the following months.  

However, a broader experiment is needed such as comparing CBD results with placebo or combining CBD with terpenes and comparing CBD isolate with other types of CBD.  In any case it shows a good sign that CBD is able to help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms women have to go through every month.  

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Reported by Vivek Roachthavilit

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