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Children May Be Allowed To Use Medical Cannabis In School If The Law Passes In Michigan

Children May Be Allowed To Use Medical Cannabis In School If The Law Passes In Michigan

The proposed legislation will allow students as young as kindergarten to legally consume medical cannabis with low THC in forms of tinctures, edibles or beverages in school premises.

The bill was proposed by Democratic legislators in the Michigan House. The bill, if passed , will allow children from K1 up to grade 12 to use medical cannabis products with low THC in school or buses.

  • Usage of medical cannabis must be under supervision of designated school staff.

  • Students must have a clear written authorization for using cannabis products which states timing of use and purpose.

  • Cannabis products may be used for emergency relief, pain relief or for symptom prevention.

The bill is intended for students to have the access to medical cannabis for medication just as they would for traditional medications and to help make medical cannabis more accessible to people who need help to enhance their physical and mental health.

State Senator Jeff Irwin expressed that many students with autism, chronic pain or epilepsy would have to miss a lot of school due to their illness and having access to medical cannabis in school like CBD oil would help to make their day more cohesive and tolerable.

The HB 5603 bill that was introduced on 28 September 2023 not only touches on the rights for children to be able to take their cannabis products in school, but it also includes guidelines about the transportation and storage of medical cannabis.

In 2015 a New Jersey teenager with epilepsy and autism was able to go to school full-time as she was allowed to administer medical marijuana in school. This led to a law being passed to allow parents and caregivers to give medical cannabis to sick and disabled children in school without fear of any violations.

Today, 36 states in the United States have legalized medical cannabis and more than 18 states have legalized cannabis for recreational use.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

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