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EU Talks Cannabis Reform

Good news!  The European Commission (EC) have particularly endorsed a new referendum under the “European Citizens Initiative” which is a gateway aiming at reforming cannabis due to an increased recognition of the evolution of cannabis regulations in the EU.

This coincided with the recent published report by European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) which has made it clear that they intend to increase their capacity on monitoring the developments in cannabis regulations in counties that are part of the EU.  They expressed their need to be more active in providing information and data on cannabis and cannabis reform to policymakers.  They have recognized that each of the countries are already looking to explore the alternative solution for allowing cannabis use for both medical and recreational.  Finding the appropriate policy has become an important and topical issue.

The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) have expressed that the failure to control illegal narcotic trade across Europe has made it fundamentally essential to rethink the long lasting approach on the fight against drug trade.  There has been no evidence to prove that toughening penalties for drug trafficking has eased the problem of narcotics.  They suggested three reform initiatives that would coexist with the need for a more human rights approach to drugs and narcotics.  This include:

  1. To minimize or completely remove criminal conviction for drug possession.

  2. Increase access to medical cannabis based on scientific evidence and consider patient experience with medical cannabis.  Must allow patients to have full access to prescription medical cannabis including the freedom to travel with cannabis and the right of procession.

  3. Must allocate information and scientific data for medical research on cannabis including using cannabis with other herbal and traditional medication.  Research and find the therapeutic properties of cannabis and share them with other medical fields globally.

Out of the proposed three initiatives, the first one concerning the minimizing and decriminalizing drug possession has been dropped.  

The EMCDDA are moving forward with cannabis reform and have expressed that doing so has made this initiative become the most transforming event of the organization.  It is also important to note that the EMCDDA will be replaced by the European Union Drugs Agency (EUDA) with a bigger budget and more staff which is very promising for cannabis reform.

They will work hard on finding solutions or approaches for:

  1. Criminal penalties for drug users

  2. Permission for home growing of cannabis

  3. Permission for private use

  4. Initiate a system for state-controlled or commercial production around the EU.

The next two years will be very exciting for them as they plan to build a foundation for a cannabis policy making tool to help policymakers in different ways be able to come up with the best policy for public health.

This is surely good news for the cannabis industry.  Germany, Greece and Ireland are already working hard in making medical cannabis available for patients and other countries around the world can adopt the method too.  

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

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