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New Studies Show Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Reduce Stress In Dogs

New Studies Show Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Reduce Stress In Dogs

As you know the popularity of CBD is on the rise, but CBD is not only useful with humans, they are great for our furry friends too.

New studies by Waltham Petcare Science Institute have shown that CBD is very effective in reducing stress in dogs.

Just like how CBD can help to relief pain and inflammation, reduce stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, improve appetite and the immune system in humans, so does with pets too.

Researchers have found that a single dose of CBD without THC is able to reduce stress in dogs. We will discuss this in detail below.

But before we go on we would like to remind pet owners that are thinking of using CBD to improve or boost your pet's well-being then they should follow these guidelines:

At Mellow Organic we recommend to only use CBD products made from CBD Isolate. CBD isolate is considered to be the purest form of CBD which contains only CBD and free from THC or other cannabinoids, even terpenes. THC may be harmful for pets. THC has psychoactive properties which can alter the state of mind and cause one to feel "high" which may cause discomfort to your pets too. Even though the study was conducted using Broad Spectrum which includes CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG and other cannabinoids including terpenes and does not include THC, but often there may be traces of THC leftover. Another form of CBD is Full Spectrum which is similar to broad spectrum except it does include THC. Full spectrum CBD is considered to be the total package of CBD as it has been less processed and less distilled than broad spectrum and definitely CBD isolate. At Mellow Organic we have both Mellow CBD Oil made from CBD Isolate and Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil all available in

Secondly, always consult with the veterinarian before making CBD part of your pets routine.

You can feed CBD oil directly for your dog by dropping the oil in their mouth. This may be tricky and an easier way is to mix CBD oil with their treat or feed. Remember to start slowly and with low dosage. Notice how your pet reacts to the CBD and experiment with dosage until you find the right amount to fix their need.

Back to the study. The purpose of randomized placebo-control experiment is to:

● To understand the impact of separation and what car travel have on the stress of dogs.

● To find the right dosage of CBD which could have a positive impact on the two stress leading factors for dogs.

The canines were given a 4 mg/kg of body weight CBD once a day over a six months period of time. Broad spectrum CBD were used in the study. This study is focus on how CBD is safe for dog's consumption.

Researchers understand that pet owners will try everything from training, diet or medication to help give their pet the best quality of life. So if we have a better understanding of the right amount of CBD to be used for dogs it would be very helpful in setting guidelines on how to administer CBD to their pets.

As mentioned before the study focused on how CBD can impact canines in two areas: car travel and separation from owners.

Researchers collected psychological data at a different times during the study like: heart rate, cortisol blood level and ear temperature. They also measured behavior measures such as trembling, whining and panting.

The study showed that there were a significant difference especially from road travel.

In the next stage of the study, dogs were either given placebo or CBD capsule that consisted of 4 mg/kg of bodyweight. After 2 hours they were exposed to either a separation event or car transportation.

Researchers found that the measurements of dogs' stress level improved after they were administered CBD. Dogs that were given CBD were significantly calm and had a lower cortisol level, less whining and appeared more at peace than dogs that were given placebo.

Stress and anxiety in dogs is very common and there are three types of anxiety in dogs:

Separation anxiety: dogs do not like to be left alone. They value their playtime, having people around, food and daily activities with their owner or caretaker.

Fear of loud noises: dogs are scared of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, explosions, arguments or loud speakers will cause dogs to feel anxious.

Changes in environment: dogs don't feel comfortable being in new environments. They can only feel safe in surroundings that they are familiar with. They get anxious with new people or being next to bigger dogs. Moving or traveling can bring them discomfort. Aggressive behaviors acted upon the dog or sudden changes in care taking of dogs can trigger anxiety in dogs.

There are signs you should look for such as: barking when owners aren't home, overly panting and pacing, not eating properly, urinating more often, self-harm, destroying furniture, running away from their home, shivering, digging and feeling restless.

Treatments for dogs with anxiety include behavior training, cuddles and showing them affections, increase playtime and exercise. Anti-anxiety medications are often prescribed to dogs, but today pet lovers are looking for a natural solution for anxiety. They are looking for something that is safe, organic and contains less side effects to promote better health for their four-legged friends and many are turning to CBD oil like Mellow CBD Oil. CBD or cannabidiol are found in cannabis plants. CBD has numerous health benefits for both humans and animals like it promotes better sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain and inflammation.

Things to consider before using CBD Oil with you dogs:

Start with a low dosage to avoid cause drowsiness, dry mouth or low blood pressure.

Make sure that the CBD product is organic.

Avoid THC! Choose CBD Oil made from CBD Isolate which contains only CBD like Mellow CBD Oil

Ask for lab test or Certificate of Analysis before purchasing your next CBD product.

Choose only Natural flavors with no flavor added.

We hope this will you get a better idea on how you can use CBD oil to help your dog when they get too anxious. Products like Mellow CBD Oil can help promote better health and well being for both humans and dogs.

Written By

Vivek Roachthavilit

Frontiers In Veterinary Science

Frontiers In Veterinary Science

Mellow Organic

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