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Patients Calls For Fairness For The Access of Medical Cannabis At The UN Commission

Parents around the world came together to call for a fair and equal access to medical cannabis treatment at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). Members of the IACM Patient Council and other non-profit organizations joined forces in speaking for patients looking for a fair, legal and equity in the access of medical cannabis this March at the 67th CND session held in Vienna.  

The Commission on Narcotic Drugs was first established in 1946 and is the main policy making council of the United Nations concerning drug control policy and during the meeting it will be the first time members of the IACM Patient Council will be attending.  They will be giving written and oral testimonies to the council to help establish debates and shape policy discussion.

The organization claims the event to be a historic moment for cannabis activism.  This is an important move for medical cannabis to promote and guarantee a fair legislation cannabis consumption for patients worldwide. After all, many patients that require medical cannabis have been blocked from access due to law and regulations limiting their rights that were imposed by treaties introduced by the CND.  

Today, only 38 states in the US have allowed access to medical cannabis, while 20 counties in the EU have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. A few nations in Asia like Thailand have legalized cannabis used recreationally and medically ever since 2019.  Germany has some limited allowance for medical use and Greece has legalized medical cannabis since 2017.  Patients are denied medicinal use of cannabis elsewhere in the world yet strangely, the United Nations have recognized cannabis as having medical application and is safe for human consumption with minor side effects.  Cannabis has been scientifically proven to have pain relieving, anti-inflammatory agents, and can promote better sleep.  Cannabis can treat stress, anxiety and mental disorders.  Some scientific evidence suggests cannabis can be used to treat seizure, epilepsy and Parkinson's too.  It is time to stop treating cannabis as a narcotic and instead treat it as a natural therapeutic medication.  

The treaties and regulations that have been put in place in the past desperately need to be revised and updated to support the rights and needs of patients today. Political agendas of some countries shouldn’t be allowed to be an obstacle to safe and affordable access, say members of IACM Patient Council.

Medical cannabis lowers the need for medications like opiates. It can cut down the number of drug dependence.  CBD and cannabis have less side effects than traditional western medications do. Not to mention restricting the rights to an access to medical cannabis is an act of human rights abuse.

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

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