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Reasons To Be Optimistic About Medical Cannabis This Year 

Here are some good reasons to be excited about the cannabis industry this year.

Germany Is Leading In Cannabis Reform

Germany passed the bill for cannabis reform last month.  This means that Germany will remove cannabis from the Narcotics Act hence the start of decriminalizing cannabis.  The new bill is separated into two parts:  Pillar One allows personal use, home cultivation and social cannabis clubs.  18 and up are allowed public possession of cannabis up to a certain amount, but are barred from use in public areas like school and sports venues.  18-21 are only allowed to purchase up to 30 grams of cannabis. While Pillow Two would include topics like legal commercial supply chains, zoning and scientific studies of the impact of cannabis usage.

Experts believe other European nations will follow in Germany's footsteps in decriminalizing cannabis.

Other EU Nations Are Welcoming Cannabis Reform 

2023 has seen an increase in the numbers of patients having access to medical cannabis and many countries in Europe have led the way in legalizing cannabis for adult use.

Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Czech Republic have started medical cannabis programs while France and Ireland have begun cannabis pilot programs. Malta became the first country in the EU to introduce a cannabis reform act, but their progress has been slow and definitely not too impactful as yet.  Luxembourg has legalized personal procession and it is permitted to grow 4 plants each.  

Cannabis is the new buzz word in the medical world and we are seeing talks and movements from policymakers not just in the US or Europe, but around the world.  The cannabis freedom train has started and there is no stopping now.  Ultimately, more people will have access to cannabis like CBD or THC.  

The US Moves Toward Federal Reform

It could be a major move and forever change the cannabis industry if the US reschedules cannabis at a federal level from Schedule I to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act. This also coexists with plans that  US President Biden has for pardoning cannabis possession crimes.

AI Is Going To Improve Health Care

2024 will be the year you will see changes in the way medical cannabis is prescribed.  Tools and platforms are being developed to help medical providers in prescribing the right cannabis product and dosage for patients and at the same time for patients to understand the product they are using and how it can impact them.

AI is packed with a lot of advantages.  Consumers can have a better understanding of cannabis.  They will have access to a wide range of information and options on products that they would want to use.  Learn about the benefits and risks.  Learn how cannabis can benefit their ailments and be prepared for possible side effects.  AI can give consumers control with their cannabis journey.  On the other hand, AI allows medical providers to have a scientific backed report as a reference for their cannabis prescription.  This helps medical experts to be more confident in prescribing cannabis and helps persuade doctors into adding medical cannabis as an alternative for treatment for their patients. 

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

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