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Study Finds CBD Is More Effective For Anxiety Than THC

The latest research published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research which was the first of its kind to understand how legal and commercial cannabis impact the anxiety symptoms.

The research was a random trial conducted on 300 people by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder

Research on the impact cannabis like CBD and THC has on anxiety is important due to the fact that 1 in 5 adults in the US suffers from anxiety making it the leading cause of mental illness.  In order for health providers to be able to fully endorse CBD as a potential aid for anxiety they must first study the long term effects CBD has on anxiety and stress–health experts already know that CBD can bring relief to tensions and anxiety in a safe manner as a short term treatment response.  

Previously, research has not been able to produce a clear and satisfactory result on whether cannabis like CBD or even marijuana does have an impact on anxiety or not, even though anxiety is among the top three main reasons why adults would choose cannabis for relief.  The other two reasons are predictably pain and sleep.

When it comes to anxiety, experts in cannabis advise that using products with high potency of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol can cause anxiety to become worse in the long run.  On the other hand mixing CBD with THC can help counteract the negative effects of THC.  It's important to note that THC is a major psychoactive component from the cannabis plant that can cause you to feel “high" or euphoria while CBD or Cannabidiol on the other hand is a major non-psychoactive cannabinoid that produces various positive therapeutic properties can counteract the intoxicating effects of THC.  

During the research, 300 test subjects were recruited.  This included 42 people that have never tried cannabis before while 258 have had experienced it at one point.  There were three flower options which consisted of THC-dominant product, CBD-dominant product and one that included 12% CBD and 12% THC and some participants were not given any cannabis.  For the duration of 4 weeks participants were permitted to use the cannabis product as much and as often as they wanted.  On average the participants reported using three times a week.  Researchers facilitated a mobile laboratory to each of the participants’ place of residence before and after taking cannabis.  

After the experiment ended, all participants from the different groups reported an improvement with anxiety.  People that were given cannabis reported a higher reduction in anxiety than those that weren't given cannabis and significantly, people that were given CBD-dominant product saw the highest amount of decrease in anxiety.  Additionally, people that were given products that contained high CBD did not become intoxicated, impaired or “high” and they admitted to feeling less tensed after smoking CBD-dominant flower strains.  They were also less likely to feel or experience any paranoia compared to those that were given THC-dominant flowers. 

From the findings researchers were able to conclude that THC did not have any long term effects on anxiety.  CBD products are able to relieve acute tension swiftly and may have positive effects on anxiety for the long term.  They also went on to explain that CBD contains higher anti-inflammatory properties than THC which may be the reason why CBD is more effective in handling anxiety as CBD can treat inflammation in the brain and nerves which may be the cause of anxiety.  However, more scientific data is needed and we can expect more research and information in the near future on CBD.

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Reported by Vivek Roachthavilit

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