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Switzerland Launches The Largest Adult Use Cannabis Pilot Program In The World

Switzerland, has one of the most iconic landscapes, best watchmakers and the strongest financial system has just recently introduced the world’s first largest adult use cannabis pilot program.  The initiative program has sparked conversations about the legalization of cannabis worldwide.  It has led people to speak about public health, public safety, regulations and the economics of cannabis.  

Switzerland is known for its progressive policies and they would only implement a policy strictly based on evidence and such is the case with the adult use cannabis program.  The program intends to regulate and control the process of production, distribution and consumption of cannabis.  The byproduct of this program is meant to leave behind the prohibition of cannabis and to take away the stigma of cannabis from society.

Key consideration for this pilot program can be broken down to:

  1. Regulations:  licensed producers will be held to very strict standards including tests for potency and containments.

  2. Social equity: the program is meant to help support licensed producers along with small minority-independent producers together with giving a chance to the group of people that may have the disadvantages in society due to previous war on drugs. 

  3. Public health:  the pilot program is designed for the benefit of public health with the focus on lessening harm from substance abuse and education on how to use cannabis to benefit one's health.

  4. Economic opportunities:  by legalizing adult use cannabis it will start a new economic sector which will help boost employment and revenue.  The cannabis sector is huge from cultivation to production to retail to cannabis clinics.  The economy may gain massively from this new initiative.  

Though this new cannabis program may seem like a good deal, critics are worried about an increase in cannabis use especially among youth which could lead to abuse and dependents causing a public health crisis.  Cannabis consists of many kinds of cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids are components that make the cannabis plant.  There are over a 100 cannabinoids like CBD and THC.  CBD may be non-psychoactive and does cause addiction or dependence, but as for its counterpart, THC does cause intoxication or high.  It is known to affect your cognitive state and using too much of THC especially in marijuana may lead to mental health issues.  

People are also concerned about the increased crime rate that may happen with cannabis trade.  The government also must control its borders preventing illegal narcotics trade from neighboring countries.  

However, if this program becomes successful it could lead to an effective cannabis program for health and could be a stepping stone for other countries to start their own legal cannabis production, distribution and consumption program both for recreational and medical purposes. 

Disclaimer:  this blog is meant for information purposes only and is in no way a medical advice.  We strongly recommend if you are looking into using cannabis like CBD for your health then seek medical advice beforehand.

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Reported by Vivek Roachthavilit 

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