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The Difference Between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture

When you are looking for the best CBD products you to buy for yourself then the chances are high that you will come across the terms CBD Oil and CBD Tincture. At first glance people will think it's the same thing, but it's not and we will tell you why.


CBD is a blend of CBD extract mixed with carrier oil such as Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT Oil). Some CBD oil may use coconut or hemp seed oil as carriers, but at Mellow Organic's CBD oil products we use MCT oil because it allows the CBD to be absorbed through the bloodstream faster and more effectively.

Three ways of using CBD oil:

  • Sublingually: to drop CBD oil under the tongue

  • Orally: to drop CBD directly to the mouth or to take CBD in other forms like gummies and edibles or mixing CBD oil with food and drinks.

  • Topically: to rub or massage CBD oil on your skin and body parts

Benefits of CBD oil includes reducing stress and anxiety, pain relief, anti-inflammation, improve sleep, treat insomnia, manage nausea and motion sickness, treat symptoms from cancer related treatment, manage epilepsy or appetite management.

It is important to understand that CBD is a highly individualized manner. There is no set dosage level for CBD used. It is therefore encouraged for people to find the best dosage to suit their needs.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is safe for consumption with little side effects. Some of the side effects that could arise are dry mouth, fatigue, nausea or drowsiness. Once your body is used to CBD the side effects will wear off. Your body can tolerate CBD very well even at very high dosage.

CBD oil is more readily available in the market than CBD tincture. As a matter fact CBD also comes in vaping oil, edibles, gummies, topicals, balm and isolates.

In general, the taste of CBD oil is milder than CBD tincture. Another benefit from MCT oil is that it eliminates any undesirable greeny taste from CBD. As a result, CBD oil can be mixed with food, dessert or drinks.

To read more on MCT Oil click here:

CBD Tincture

People often refer to CBD oil as tinctures and that is totally wrong.

CBD tincture is an alcohol-based extract. In this case alcohol is used as a solvent instead of carrier oil like MCT or coconut.

CBD tincture products are made using CBD from hemp plant or from cannabis sativa pants with 60 to 70% alcohol.

CBD tincture does have similar health benefits as with CBD oil.

CBD tincture are more commonly used sublingually. When you drop the tincture to the mouth it allows the CBD to be absorbed from through the membranes in your mouth.

It is said that CBD tincture contains more bioactivity than CBD oil, but be aware that not all CBD tincture are meant to be used sublingually, but instead some CBD tinctures contain a very high percentage of alcohol and are required to be diluted before consumption.

The body can absorb CBD tincture more rapidly allowing immediate relief. This is ideal for people that is looking for an immediate relief while some people may want to choose CBD oil to avoid alcohol totally.

CBD tincture contains a lot of alcohol and is not suitable to be mixed with food, desserts or drinks. It is also not halal and may go against some religious beliefs.

While CBD tinctures are mixed with alcohol and not carrier oil like MCT causing CBD tincture to have a bitter taste.

Bottom line is when choosing between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture you should consider these factors:

  • Taste

  • Versatility of CBD

  • Relief period

  • The method of CBD application

  • Safety of CBD

  • The readily availability of CBD products

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Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

Special thanks to:


World Health Organization


Medical News Yoday

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