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Why You Should Not Mix CBD Oil With e-Liquid

So you are thinking about trying CBD for the first time and you find out there are so many options available out there whether it's CBD oil, tincture, vaping oils, flowers, capsules, gummies, chocolate or topicals. Making the right choice is really up to your true intentions for using CBD. The choice is yours, we at Mellow Organic would like to advise you for your own safety that mixing CBD oil with e-liquid is a bad idea. People are coming up with new ways to combine CBD with tea, coffee, drinks, juices, smoothies, food, snacks, topicals, essential oils, but just say “no" to mixing CBD oil with vaping e-liquids.

Here's why:

  1. CBD oil and e-liquid juice do not mix well together. CBD oil does not dissolve easily in vegetable glycerine which is used as carrier for e-liquid.

  2. Vape pens are designed for e-liquids and not CBD oil.

  3. Vape pens will burn the CBD oil instead of vaporizing it. This will make CBD ineffective and taste awful.

  4. Burnt CBD oil will damage vape pens especially the coils and atomizer.

  5. Inhaling heated oil will cause damage to your health.

  6. The oil residue from the vape pen will be collected in the lungs and could cause lung damage.

  7. CBD oil needs to be digested from your digestive system. Vaporizing CBD oil from e-liquid pens won't do the trick.

  8. Health experts believe that heated CBD oil turns into a different compound and by inhaling it can result in lipid pneumonia.

Vape pens or what kids call “pods" vaporizes e-liquid and when you attempt to use vaping lens to vape CBD oil just the smell and taste from the oil will turn you off and give you a negative experience with CBD. Should you still want to vape CBD then look out for CBD vape juice that is intended for vaping purposes only.

Even though vaping is considered less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes, it does come with risks too. At the moment long term health risks are being studied, but researchers believe that vaping can result in lung damage and nicotine addiction.

To find out more about vaping and health risk click here:

Read our blog on how vaping CBD oil may be more harmful than vaping e-cigarettes.

Now, before we go, if you are interested in a safe and effective way of incorporating CBD into your life then let us introduce you to cbd products from Mellow Organic as it could be your best choice for a high quality lab tested CBD product. Mellow Organic is the first and most trusted CBD product including CBD oil and balm in Thailand. Our products are lab tested from independent third-party labs for top quality CBD content and zero toxicity.

We have three products to offer at the moment: Mellow CBD Oil contains 900 mg of CBD and is made from CBD Isolate. One bottle is 30ml and available in Natural and Orange flavors. Mellow Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes with 1,800mg CBD and includes cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBC and CBG. It also includes all the terpenes and flavonoids. One bottle is 30ml. Mellow CBD Soothing Balm is our vanilla scented CBD-infused balm and good for relieving pain, muscle soreness, information, and reducing stress and anxiety. Our balm is available in 50 gram tin.

For more information about Mellow Organic CBD products please feel free to contact us anytime. We are also there for you if you need any advice on our products or how to use our products. Visit us at

Written by Vivek Roachthavilit

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